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SMBTM 3 Property

1. Length/Diameter/Specific Surface Area are measured through SEM/TEM/BET & PSD respectively
2. Overall morphology is analyzed through SEM

Nano Applications Bio Applications
Product Production
Pore Diameter
BET Surface Area
Pore Volume Tap

Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles
CEN Co., Ltd.
3.45nm 1,260m2/g 1.16cm3/g ~0.12g/cm3

SMBTM 3 vs MCM-41 NP

Structure 3D structure 2D structure
BET Surface Area 1,260m2/g < 500~1,200m2/g
Synthesis Method Sustainable Methods
(Aqueous Condition, Neutral, STP condition)
Lots of Problem
(Acidic or Basic condition, hydrothermal, Solvent need)
Pore Size 3.4nm< 2~4nm
Pore Volume 1.25cm3/g 0.7~1.2cm3/g
Metal Encapsulation Possible Complicate or Very difficult
Cost Appropriate Very Expensive

Expectancy Effects of High Functional SMB-3 Composite Material

  • High Transparency

    The dispersion of SMBTM 3 is outstanding, and the organic functionalization of the surface can be used to set the refractive index identically to the high molecular compound in order to maximize the transparency.

  • Heat Resistance

    A synergy effect of the silica nano composite material containing a nanoporous air layer(enhances heat insulation, resist printing and glass transition temperature)

  • High Intensity

    Such property can be induced based on the conflict with the stiff 3D linear-structured Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle composite material

  • High Hardness

    The aspect ratio indicated on the surface enhances the surface hardness through the large Mesoporous silica nanoparticle effect

  • Glare Prevention

    An effect of the 3D nano structure/ pore(the haze value is indicated as well as the high transparency) –> properties of AG/AR