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SMBTM 7 Property

1. Length/Diameter/Specific Surface Area are measured through SEM/TEM/BET & PSD respectively
2. Overall morphology is analyzed through SEM

Nano Applications  Bio Applications
Product Production
Pore Diameter
BET Surface Area
Pore Volume Tap

Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles
(SiO2, ZnO),
CEN Co., Ltd.
~2.54nm 1,235m2/g 0.81cm3/g ~0.15g/cm3

ZnO(Zinc Oxide) Nanoparticle Effect

Expectancy Effects of High Functional SMB-7 Composite Material

  • Smart DDS

    The SMB-7 are 3D networks which have various applications due to their drug loading capacity and ZnO QD functionalize them to obtain pH stimuli responsive effect. SMB-7 were ZnO QDs are dissolvable at pH lower than 6.0, degradation of the SMB-7 at different pH values was investigated

  • Air and Water Purification

    The SMB-7 can promote adsorption and decomposition of volatile organic compounds. And it will give a minimize corrosion

  • Anti microbial

    The SMB-7 has a ZnO QDs, with high surface-to-volume ratio, capacity of ROS production and a strong surface chemistry, meet all the necessary requirements to adequately treat bacterial infection.

  • Sun block

    The SMB-7 can increased in vitro SPF, reduced cytotoxic activity. SMB-7 can exhibited no measurable toxicity when applied to human skin in vivo. 

  • Anti Cancer

    The SMB-7 exhibit effects by inducing ROS generation and causing apoptosis. It has also explored as drug carriers for anti cancer drugs.